School Ideology

The edifice of the school has been structured on the visionary speculations that each child is unique & has tremendous amount of latent potential. The School tries to access a forum to its students for the proper channelization and realization of their efficacious worth to the utmost level. The unquenchable and insatiable thirst for excellence is the eternal spirit which the students are imbibed with to achieve the aim set by its ideology.

Aims & Objectives
When we set exciting worthwhile goals for ourselves, they work in two ways : we work on them and they work on us. VBPS aims to provide quality education to match global standards and crave for the excellence in all fields of life. To ensure mental, physical & moral growth of the students & to arouse a quest and zest for learning in them during their academic pursuit. Keeping pace with claims of the modernity to develop a sense of pride for Indian culture and tradition to be a true Indian, rising above all social ,communal, religious or provincial prejudices.

Providing a healthy environment for the unleashment of youthful energy towards creativity and self reliance , further leading to the service of the community, the country and ultimately the mankind.

Inculcating positive outlook towards persistent demands of transforming and transitional society, yet firmly upholding a belief in our moral values and ethics. Widening the mental horizons and broadening the outlook of the students through training in co-operation, team spirit and service.