Director's Desk

Mr. Vikas Solanki (Director)

I take a deep sigh of relief with the hindsight of our journey to this stage which has been archetypal execution since its infancy. With an intact vision and vision and vitality to educating children, VBPS has been stimulating its pupils to enter their individual virtues and promote a sense of self respect, humanity, tolerance, adaptability and service to the community and the country. At VBPS we create and maintain high quality school eminence conducive to learning and developing talent. Our curriculum has been harnessing pupil’s talent with all experiments through modern technological inceptions yet keeping them glued to moral and traditional values.


With all encomiums from parent community we remain waking to the calls of time ahead. The responsibility of carrying the tag of impressive, vibrant and highest quality learning organization is more than feeling of complacency and we ensure a highly committed team of staff and administration personnel to the parent community.