Director Academic's Message


Scaling and soaring, extending its wings of wisdom to the dizzy height of success, we strive to make the dream of aspirants a breath-taking reality by nurturing, providing opportunities with a desire to soar high each day. Encouraging students to develop as a pioneer, tapping the potential, making use of facilities, becoming confident, intellectually bright and morally strong is a great responsibility vested on to us. It is indeed immense pleasure to extend my felicitation to the parent community whose insurmountable support during this pandemic has enabled working relentlessly together to attain the mission and vision of the school.

We are driven by our guiding principle of providing good quality educational services, as a result, this institution has undergone outstanding transformation and enhancements since its inception. I also believe that education with technology in this challenging phase serves the students need to explore the realms of their mind. Thus, school leaves no stone unturned to empower its students with critical thinking and technological skills by being actively engaged in the learning process.

I wish all the teachers and students success in their endeavours.