Pre Primary


1.  To work for the overall development & growth of the  child.

2.  To get the child familiar with the world around him/her.

3.  To develop the requisite behavior, attitude & values in the child.

4.  To enhance the child’s comprehension of simple spoken English.

5.  To develop oral fluency in the language by speaking & listening activities.

6.  To acquaint the child with daily life mathematics.

7.  To develop the problem solving & study skills in the child.

8.  To make the child creative and imaginative.

9.  To help him to recognize letters, numbers, colours, shapes etc.



1.  No formal tests will be conducted during the session.

2.  Student’s performance will be assessed continuously through the worksheets, orals & work done in the class.

3.  The assessment is made in the form of grades.

4.  The evaluation includes assessment of the overall development of the child.



1.  An activity based teaching and learning process is            strictly followed to ensure zero stress level and maximum learning experience.

2.  Our teaching learning process is a storehouse of fun, frolic & knowledge that prepares a child for a smooth transition from Pre-school to formal school.

3.  Our curriculum provides comprehensive introduction to p re-reading, pre-writing & number skills, language development & cognitive awareness for each level.

4.  Age appropriate activities are performed in the class for developing:-

·         Analytical reasoning

·         Sequential thinking

·         Problem solving

·         Eye & hand co-ordination

·         Concentration Ability

·         Recognition Ability

5.  Topics covered every month will be supplemented with          Presentations through Smart Class.

6.  Maintain regular communication with the class teacher     through the link book. Make it a point to attend all the PTMs.

7.  All subjects, except Hindi will be taught in English. It  will be helpful if English conversation is encouraged at home.

8.  Above all, daily spend some quality time with your    child to instill the want to read and learn more.