Rabindranath Tagore’s play ‘ Post Office ‘( BengaliDhakGhar , 1912) was published in English in 1914.

It concernsAmal , a child confined to his adopted uncle’s home due to anincurable disease.


Printed copies of this paly were circulated among the Readers Club students( VII- XI) one week in advance . They were advised to read the play and prepare fora discussion in the Library .

Students were not only prepared butwere also very keen to enact the whole play in the Assembly .


Amal’s character inspired them a lot. They were impressed to read , how Amal was happy in the fertile world of his imagination and was willing to journey from his world to another world when the time comes.


Story telling is an interactive art of using words and action to reveal the element and images of a story while encouraging the listener’s imagination.


A workshop on ‘’ART OF STORYTELLING’ was organized on 20-08-2014 in the library for the Readers Club students of class VII-XI .Sonia Bhaskar, one of the teachers of Pre-Primary department of VikasBharati Public School presided the workshop .She caught the interest of students by her presentation. Valuable tips were given by her. It was an interactive workshop which created an interest in students to narrate stories to their tiny –tot friends in the Pre Primary section.It was decided that students will be given a chance to present their art of story telling in future.


A surprise awaited on 26-08-2014 for Readers Club students of VII-X in the library. They were not aware that they were coming not to read but to create a story of their own.


Students were divided in groups class wise. 4 separate groups were made (VII,VIII,IX ,X ).One hour was given to them to write a short story.


A little confused in the beginning, students geared up when few tips were given like:-

  • Identify the heart of your story
  • Craft a strong title
  • Write a catchy first paragraph
  • Write meaningful dialogue etc.

Each group formed a story .It was a short beginning which might lead to creative writers in future.


Whenever students of Readers Club meet in the library,they look for something creative. This being their formative period they grasp the thing which is presented and practiced in their life.


On 02-09 -14 when students met in the library they were divided into groups .Short story books were given to each group .They were told to select one story from it , read it and re-write it into a poem.


All were excited. They worked as a team and were amused to see their story taking shape of a poem .


The goal was achieved as desired.