Class IX-XII


Vikas Bharati Public School celebrated “WORLD MATHS DAY” on 14th October2019. It was organised by class XII students namely Ananya Singh, Gagandeep Singh, Himanshi Sangwan, Jagrit Aggarwal, Muskaan Jain and Tushar Dahiya. The celebration began with the event- MATHEMATICAL ANTAKSHARI. Class X-XII actively participated. The following teams participated- Binary Opera, Calculite Gharana, Geometric Qawwals, Pro- gressional Performers. There were five rounds conducted. The winning team was “Geometric Qawwals”. The event was a unique mix of Maths, Sanskrit and Music. It was appreciated by a thunderous applause by the audience as well as the guests of the event. MATHEMATICAL ANTAKSHARI was followed by TREASURE HUNT. The teams which participated were- Differential Fighters, Functional Samurais, Integral Warriors and Matrix Army. It comprised of three rounds of searching the clues, calculations and physical activity. Class X-XII had a fun time participating in the event. It was a perfect blend of physical activity and mental ability. The tie breaker between Integral Warriors and Matrix Army to compete with the Functional Samurais, a mathematical skit was held. Finally, Integral Warriors were selected for the final round. The winning team was “Functional Samurais”. The day met its end with inspiring words by Principal ma’am. These events were put together by Maths HOD,Ms. Vijayalaxmi. The day was a grand success.