Class II-V


Learning science is a rich, complex, and ongoing process that builds over a lifetime.

Students of classes III-V were taken on an educational trip to National Science Centre, Delhi in the month of February, 2020 with an aim to arouse curiosity in their minds as well as to initiate them into this field.All around the centre, there was knowledge available in different and very interesting forms .Various working models were displayed in thegalleries based on different scientific laws.Students had hands on experienceby watching practical demonstrations of the same. They were thrilled to see the Dinosaur's gallery. It has very life-like models of dinosaurs. ‘The Blue Planet-Science on Sphere’ show and 3-D show of Human Body System helped students to understand different scientific concepts visually.It was indeed an enriching experience for every child and highly appreciated by the parents.


“Good nutrition and good education go hand in hand”.

Children deserve to be healthy and happy. Good health is not possible without good nutrition. Children’s eating patterns and food preferences are established in the early years of life. Aiming to sensitize the parents for their kids’ health and recognising the worth of nutritioous diet, Nutrition Week was observed from 2 September to 6 September 2019 for Pre School –Class V. Students were encouraged to adopt healthy eating habits and eat sufficient amount of green vegetables, fruits and dairy products. A detailed menu plan was framed by the teachers , considering the grade and age of students. The same was forwarded to the parents a week before with an exclusive note. The initiative gathered immense appreciation of the parents and accomplished with a joyful experience by the students.