Inclusive Learning

Inclusive education is the most effective way of giving all children a fair chance to attend school, learn and develop the skills & competencies essential to face the World.    Inclusive education means all children in the same classrooms, in the same schools. It means real learning opportunities for groups who have traditionally been excluded – not only children with disabilities, but speakers of minority languages too. 
Furthermore, inclusive education goes beyond mere inclusion by actively engaging every learner in the educational process. It acknowledges that every individual has unique perspectives, learning styles, and needs. By providing differentiated and personalized instruction, inclusive education ensures that each learner is actively involved in the learning experience. This engagement promotes active participation, critical thinking, and collaborative learning, enabling learners to develop their full potential and contribute meaningfully to the classroom and everyday life.
As part of the inclusive set up, we at VBPS, ensure that the children with special needs are facilitated into the regular classroom with assistance from the School Counselor and the Special Educator.  We ensure collaborative participation of all the stakeholders in a child’s life. Special educator guides the teachers on early identification of children with special needs as per guidelines of PRASHAST checklist released by Department of School Education and Literacy, MOE. Frequent Parent teacher Meetings and counseling sessions are scheduled for students with special needs. Students of classes X and XII are provided with concessions/exemptions as prescribed by the CBSE vide circular no. CBSE/COORD/112233/2019 dated 12 April 2019.